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I think The Talking Heads said it best. In fact, they predicted it:  “You may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?”

Cards on the table – yours truly is not quite right. Want proof? How else could you explain that I spent a full year of my life attending 100 uniquely different sporting events–involving 50 separate sports?

“But why?” you may ask. Well, here’s my story, and I’m sticking to it…

I am a Game Junkie. I played sports endlessly as a kid, and loved sports all my life. I belonged in that world. At the age of 40, though, I found myself like many Americans: painfully unsatisfied in an uninspiring corporate job, but making too much money to walk away. Then, one momentous day, my wife and I struck The Deal, which led to a cherished career in sports.

Happy ending, right? Wrong.

Years later, having carved out a place in my new industry, I was surprised when a friend asked, “Do you still love sports?” What shocked me, though, was that I didn’t know the answer. Of course I still loved sports! Didn’t I? After all, hadn’t I walked away from a perk-filled Corporate American life to start over at the bottom—as perhaps the oldest unpaid intern in PGA Tour history? Was it possible it had all been for nothing? The question had to be answered.
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