“It’s Game Time Somewhere” Book Preview

Movies have their preview trailers, so why shouldn’t a book? Not only will this short video give you a snappy depiction of the story line of It’s Game Time Somewhere, it will provide an insider’s glimpse of the images and themes that defined this modern-day sports odyssey through 100 events and 50 completely different sports. It’s even got bloopers! You’re on your own for popcorn, though.

It’s Game Time Somewhere – In Depth

It’s Game Time Somewhere – Sports Under The Radar

Lessons Learned From College Hockey

This Just In: Sports = Fun


Men's & Women's Team USA Elite Track Cycling Nationals

Track cycling team Peanut Butter & Company Twenty 12 execute the lead swap in Team Pursuit competition at the Elite Track National Championships.

Martial Arts knows no age limits

It’s never too young to start! These young warriors search for their inner Karate Kid at the Long Beach International Martial Arts Festival.

America’s top archer Brady Ellison tales aim during the SoCal Showdown at the ARCO Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA

Canadian kayaker Kathleen Tayler eyes her next move during the USA Canoe/Kayak Slalom National Championships.

A picture of persistence: Arizona State decathlete Jeremy Marcinko clears the bar on his third and final attempt at this height.

Duke celebrates its overtime win over Notre Dame in the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championship Game in Baltimore.

Laurel Wassner is the first woman across the finish line at the Nautica Malibu Triathlon, just 24 hours after winning the previous day’s International triathlon.

82-year-old Carlos Mora completes his 26th consecutive Long Beach Marathon.

A sample of the aerial acrobatics on display during the Ski Slopestyle competition at the Winter Dew Tour’s Killington, VT event.

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