The Stories

In the beginning, before It’s Game Time Somewhere was even a twinkle in my publisher’s eye, there was the “It’s Game Time Somewhere Tour.”

Truth be told, the whole adventure didn’t really start out as a “Tour”, per se. But, coming as I do from the world of pro golf, anything that involves constant movement from city to city in the name of sport tends to qualify as either a tour…or vagrancy. And since the former looks better than the latter on a business card, thus was born the “It’s Game Time Somewhere Tour.”

Once I came to grips with the fact that I had a full-fledged Tour on my hands, it seemed like a little documentation might be in order. Much the same as it is with a tree falling in the forest and—depending on your perspective—potentially not making a sound, a Tour without dispatches from the front lines loses its Tour status pretty quickly. So while I was out there…well, touring, I took note of stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. Some of that stuff became part of It’s Game Time Somewhere, the book. But most of it didn’t.

That’s not to say that what was left on the cutting room floor was any less memorable than that which was included in the book that eventually rolled off the presses. It’s just that every story has its place. And I’m happy to report that right here is “that place.”

Captured within this “File Cabinet” are stories about each of the 100 events that made up the It’s Game Time Somewhere Tour. They’re all stored and cross-referenced by what type of sport was being played; at what level of competition—from professional through recreational; by what was at stake in the contest; even by the gender of that event’s participants. Want to skim story lines for just Ice & Snow sports? Interested only in collegiate competitions? Can’t get enough of reading about play-off and championship games? Feel that coverage of women’s games gets short-changed by others? Well, consider this your lucky day, because the File Cabinet’s collapsible folders and sub-folders are your ticket to slicing and dicing 100 events and 50 different sports in whatever way interests you the most.

So…Surf. Read. Enjoy. Then do yourself a favor—get out there and Play.

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